Dear Anton,

I would like to share my listening impressions with you after installing the clavis filter module.

OK, i will not beat around the proverbial bush, and will come out with it.

My system was transformed instantly from very good to begin with, to simply amazing !!!

Every aspect of music reproduction was somehow enhanced. I didn't know what to expect because the module is not a traditional filter.
After pressing the play button and the music started I couldn't believe what was coming out of the speakers.The first thing that hit (yes, hit) me, was the dynamics of a song I knew very well. As if from listening to a recording of a song I was transported to a live concert.I know that an audio system can never reproduce a live event, , but now it came closer than ever.Then I started hearing what the different instruments where playing. There was a space around them. Crystal clear, well defined, in proper place and scale.I could hear the leading edge of a note, the micro vibrations of the strings, the natural timber of the body of the instrument with the typical decay of the sound of the instrument playing.The Soundstage expanded in depth and width.Now, bad recordings a shown to be bad. So, my frogs didn't turn into princes. Shrill voices with pronounced sibilance are simply heard clearer.It has been 8 days since I installed the module and I have been rediscovering my music collection hearing details in the music I never knew existed.I believe your filter module represents a paradigm shift in what actually  AC filtering is about. A greatful and very happy customer. Thank you.

Roumen Sotirov