Spatiumaudio Clavis Power Modules



In the year 2011, Spatiumaudio has developed a technology wich improves the sound of violins, pianos and even of the human voice.
There are already many satisfied users in the professional music business.
On the basis of these findings we have devoloped products to recondition electricity for hifi and home cinema systems.
The "Spatiumaudio Clavis Filter Modules" contain three seperate modules wich are especially matched with the requirements of the hot/phase, neutral/zero and the safety earth conductor.
The innovation is based on a conductor wich is polished to a very low surface roughness. This conductor is surrounded by a matrix of different metals and minerals wich are encapsulated/ sealed in a box to secure and lock them into position.
The modules are directional which means that they only unfold  their optimal effect in the preferred direction of installation.
In addition, there is a chip at the bottomside of the case of the filter wich regulates the function of the modules. The chip is exactly matched to your hardware requirements and allows tonal fine tuning.
The parameters in the chip are custom programmed to each client.
The result is a fidelity and picture quality wich fathoms the whole potential of your music an home cinema system.

Charcteristic of the electrons:

You can filtrate tap water as often as you like, it will never equal up to the quality of  mountain spring water.
Similary, electricity- when filtered -  sounds life- and tasteless, most of the time: the energy in the music gets lost.

The Spatiumaudio power products give the electricity a quality and energy , wich is clean as fresh spring water.

Not only a Filter:

The Spatiumaudio Crystal Clavis Filter Modules are not only a filter which improves sound and picture quality by reducing noise, but it is a  "burn in generator" too which optimises the whole signal path . Even after removing the filter from the system this effect remains for weeks.

The effects of the Spatiumaudio Clavis Filter Modules on sound quality:

- extremly reduced noise
- improved tonal colours
- improved dynamic and speed of the sound reproduction
- the sound is better focussed, there is more space between the vocalist and the instruments
- severly reduced distortion
- fuller sound with more body

The effects of the Spatiumaudio Clavis Filter Modules on the reproduction of pictures of blue ray players and cinema projectors:

- extremly reduced picture noise
- more intensive colours and increased contrast
- less picture artifacts
- strongly improved picture sharpness
- a fascinating 3D quality of the picture

Technical Specification:

Voltage: 230/110V
Power Handling: 3000 Watt
Dimensions: W 62mm H 22mm L 126mm